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Sharm el Sheikh Travel Guide


40 years back Sharm el-Sheikh was just a fishing village but now it has become one of the finest Egyptian cities. The village has developed into a world class tourist resort where, each day, one can find over 9000 tourists – mostly British. It is not just a serene and picturesque town but home to some of Egypt’s best hospitals and many other modern amenities.

World’s economic situation is worsening tourism industries around the globe but tourism in Sharm el-Sheikh is expected to grow. Hence Sharm el-Sheikh flights are expected to increase in number with each passing day.

The city’s landscaping comprises rocky desert mountains separated by a bottomless blue sea with a desert strip. Thus, Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most scenic cities of world and a heaven for beach lovers.     



With a huge diversity of shopping arenas in the city, shopping in Sharm el-Sheikh is a great experience, quite an exotic one for westerners. From the elegant designer stores in Il Mercato Shopping Mall to the traditional stalls of Old Sharm Town, everything is available in this excellent holiday destination. There is a lot in Sharm el-Sheikh to shop such as; traditional artifacts, handicrafts, jewelry, local clothing as well as complete range of brands like Calvin Klein, Mac Cosmetics and many more. Fully equipped superstores can also be found all around the city, which sell everything ranging from daily-use goods to grocery to electronics etc.

Dinning Out and Partying:

Culinary choices in Sharm el-Sheikh are more different as these are expected to be. The city is filled with World class restaurants thus; finest cuisine, of any country, is available here. Little Buddha is an exquisite restaurant which offers excellent Japanese food and also has some other Asian stuff in its menu. The Old Market provides incomparable exotica of enjoying some of the most delectable Egyptian dishes with the locals. Prices remain the best part of wonderful dining experience as they are very reasonable. Luxury hotels like Four Seasons offers the best Italian food in town, The Ritz has a scrumptious Japanese menu while at Sofitel, a remarkable Indian cuisine can be enjoyed.

Most of the cities hotels have excellent bars and clubs, fully equipped with modern partying facilities and drinks. Little Buddha andHavana Bar are two of the city’s most superb clubs. Partying in these bars and enjoying other facilities including shishas, drinks and beverages makes up for an unforgettable experience. The international chain, “Pacha Clubs” has opened up Pacha Sharm in the city. This club has remained unbeatable for all Pacha outlets around Europe and the Americas.


Sharm el-Sheikh boasts some of the world’s most beautiful, scenic and renowned beaches. On these beaches, travelers can enjoy all the water sports and beach fun; in fact, they are the best choices for those who like to laze out on the beach all day. Parasailing and diving remain the most popular activities at these beaches. As Egypt is an Islamic country so topless sunbathing should be avoided but scanty cladding at the beaches is not prohibited. These are the beach lovers who increased the demand for cheap flights to Sharm el-Sheikh.

 Horseback/Camel Riding:

Horseback riding can be enjoyed at the Sofitel Hotel. Complete safety measures, headgears and proper dressing should be considered. Camel Trekking is best done in the Sinai Desert where, even night can be spent with the locals enjoying their foods and cultures.


Adventurous can move into the desert and pay a visit to the Bedouins. Vibrant canyons beyond Mount Sinai are worth exploring. A couple of days should be spared for this trip. With complete kit on, safety measures taken and a little amount of money spent, sporty tourists can enjoy Quad Biking in Sharm el-Sheikh.


1st Quarter:

The months of January, February and March can provide the very best of a Sharm el-Sheikh flight due to the city’s weather conditions. Since it’s a very dry place with scanty rainfall all year round, the first quarter become the wettest time of the year with 1mm-2mm of rainfall. A good 9 to 10 hours of sunshine are available for tourists to travel around and the temperatures are highly comforting. In the first quarter of the year, temperatures in Sharm el-Sheikh rise no higher than 25oC and fall no lesser than 13oC.     

2nd Quarter:

This is a considerably hot time of the year in this part of Egypt. In April, the highest temperatures would be around 29oC while in May, it can be 36oC and 37oC in June. The lowest temperatures in this time would be 19oC in April, 23oC in May and26 in June. Along with being hot, the time is totally dry with no rainfall at all. There is a good amount of sunshine but weather conditions do not allow for traveling to the city to be planned at this time.   

3rd Quarter:

The third quarter is, without a doubt, the hottest and driest time in Sharm el-Sheikh. Not scanty and not rare, rainfall is actually totally absent from the city at this time while temperatures can reach as high as 37oC. To the lower side, they remain at 26oC to 27oC. Subsequently, sunshine hours are immense but it is not advisable to tour the city in the months of July, Augusta and September.

4th Quarter:

If any other time of the year can not be utilized to visit Sharm el-Sheikh, the last quarter remains a good choice. This time of the year sees temperatures falling into comparatively bearable ranges of late 20s and early 30s while lower ranges can even go below 20oC. Rainfall is very little at 1mm in October and December but there is no rainfall in November. Sunshine hours are equally the same in amount as those of the first quarter.