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Port Said Travel Guide



Port Said is an Egyptian city located by the Mediterranean at the entrance of  the Suez Canal. It has been built on one bank of the canal while its twin city  “Port Fouad” is situated on the other bank and is facing towards Port Said.  For tourists, it is not that hard to travel between these ports as free shuttle  rides are widely available. Port Said can be easily visited by train as it is  directly connected with Cairo and Alexandria via railway lines. Port Said  Airport is the main airport is the area that serves a large number of Port  Said flights. The city depends on its industries like processed food, chemicals and cigarettes and also fishing. It is known to be an important  Egyptian harbor that is used for exporting traditional products, cotton and  rice.


Port Said is characterized by many old buildings and houses which comprises  grand balconies known for their architectural features. There are many  attractions which keep tourist booking their flights to Port Said in a very large  number. Restaurants in the city provide visitors with scrumptious dishes and  traditional cuisines. Tourists usually visit the bazaars which city boasts.  These are amongst the happening destinations in the city providing great  entertainment to the visitors. There are many archeological sites in the city  which date back to 1950s. There are many old towns which were exploded  during the Canal War of 1956 – this is where tourists catch the glimpse of  the darker history of the towns. Many prefer passing through the canal convoys where they get to see container ships and supertankers. Tourists  are advised the note both ancient and modern facilities which Port Said  provides. Tourists can also spend their quality time in the city if they are  fond of reading. There are many old books which are rare and are widely sold around the Port Said. The city is famous for its delicious fruits and juices which are sold throughout the day at every corner.

Port Said Military Museum:

Port Said Military Museum is another tourist destination in Port Said. This prestigious museum was first inaugurated in the year 1964 and today it welcomes of hundreds of tourists throughout the year. The museum exhibits many halls which allow visitors to see Port Said from different view. Each hall defines the scenes of battles which were fought by the people of Port Said and the Egyptian Army.


Quarter 1:

Weather in Port Said in January has average minimum temperatures at around 11 degrees Celsius while the maximum can reach up to 17 degrees Celsius with 73% of relative humidity. In the month of February, the temperature can be as low as 12 degrees Celsius and can be at its peak at around 18 degrees Celsius providing a good sunshine of 7 hours. About 12mm of rain falls during this time of the year. March gets a bit warmer than January and February, having a lower temperature of 14 degrees Celsius and highest at 19 degrees Celsius with 69% of relative humidity and 9 hours of sunlight.

Quarter 2:

The months of April, May and June indicate the arrival of summer in Port Said. The highest temperature that the city sees in the month of April can be around 22 degrees Celsius while the lowest can be as low as 16 degrees Celsius. May gets slightly warmer providing 11 hours of sunshine per day and has an average precipitation of 4mm. The temperature during this month is highest at 25 degrees Celsius and is lowest at 20 degrees Celsius. June becomes warmer with 72% of relative humidity level. The city sees the highest temperature of 28 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature of 23 degrees Celsius in the month of June.

Quarter 3:

The months of July, August and September have almost equal temperature conditions. The highest temperatures which the city experiences during these months can be around 29 to 30 degrees Celsius and the lowest drops at 24-25 degrees Celsius with 73-74% of humidity level. These are the dry months and no rain is to be expected.

Quarter 4:

In the fourth quarter, the climate conditions become chillier and pleasant. Most tourists tend to book their cheap flights to Port Said and visit during the last three months of the year. The temperatures in the month of October can be as low as 22 degrees Celsius. According to the latest weather reports, the temperatures during October are at their highest at around 27 degrees Celsius providing 10 hours of sunlight per day. In the month of November, the temperature during the day can be about 24 degrees Celsius and during the nights the temperature can drop down at 19 degrees Celsius with 72% of relative humidity level. Weather in Port Said in December has average minimum temperatures at 14 degrees Celsius and highest at 20 degrees Celsius providing 6 hours of sunlight daily