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Port Harcourt Travel Guide


Port Harcourt is a coastal city of the Nigeria and the capital of Rivers State. It is an important business hub and trading point due to its two important ports; F.O.T Onne and Port Harcourt Wharf. In addition, the city is home to a considerable amount of foreign investment and is soon expected to become a hub of Nigerian oil bloom.

Rivers State University of Science and Technology and University of Port Harcourt are two of the main tertiary institutes of the city. Situated along Bonny River, Port Harcourt is a scenic city, popular amongst tourists.

During the summer vacations, Port Harcourt gets filled with tourists, especially Europeans, who come to enjoy the city’s picturesque and tranquil sites. Golfers and beach lovers find Port Harcourt very entertaining.

Port Harcourt International Airport serves the city while Air France and Lufthansa offer cheap flights to Port Harcourt.  


Borikiri Market:

Borikiri Market is a good place to find daily use goods, clothing, medicines and a wide variety of products to shop. The market has been stylized in a traditional manner and is with vibrant stalls.  

Izumini River:

River side is a good place to visit for family picnics and a hideout with loves ones. The site offers scenic views becoming a hotspot for sightseers and photographers. The river is situated an hour’s drive outside Port Harcourt.

Port Harcourt Zoo:

Being an African city, Port Harcourt is home to a nature reserve known as Port Harcourt Zoo. At the zoo, local wildlife can be spotted and interaction with them provides a mind blowing experience. Chimpanzee, golden potto forest elephant, gorilla, drill, salenginella species and gwantibo are commonly found at the zoo.


Bonny Island is an oil rich island of Port Harcourt. It houses number of oil refineries and abundance of international investment and multi-national companies. The beaches of Bonny Island are clean and serene; a perfect choice for tourists. Finima Beaches are some of the island’s most popular beaches.

City Tourist Beach at Port Harcourt is popular for its scenic beauty and tranquility. The beach is clean and fills up with tourists every holiday season.

Golf Course:

The golf course at Port Harcourt is one of the primary attractions and has invited golf lovers from around the world. Professional golfers have often played at the course while amateurs enjoy the time there during holidays. This golf course has been host to many tournaments.

National Museum:

National museum of Port Harcourt is a place of interest to history lovers. 19th century ornaments, cast iron pieces, bronze figures and exquisite pieces of art can be found there.

The Natural Park:

It is one of a kind natural park in the suburb of Finima. Its geography comprises tall timbers between swamps and beach, fresh water ponds, rain forest, mangrove soils and sandy soils. Wildlife of Finima National Park includes crocodiles, pygmies, monkeys and hippos. 


1st Quarter:

For the month of January, 21oC-33oC is the normal temperature range while precipitation is very low at 30mm and 10 hours of sunshine are available. As the month of February sets in, 23oC-33oC temperatures prevail all over and rainfall increases to 60mm and a usual of 10 hours daily sunshine is available. The month of March combine 10 hours daily sunshine with 120mm of rainfall 24oC-33oC temperature. Humidity of this period rises from 10% in January to 50% in March through 20% in February. Travelers can get their Port Harcourt flights for this time to prepare for the best possible trip.

2nd Quarter:

Minimum temperatures range from 23oC in April and May to 22oC in June. On the other hand, maximum temperatures fall from 32oC in April to 31oC in May and finally to 30oC in June. Rainfall for April, May and June rises from 200mm to 240mm to further 280mm respectively while humidity increases from 60% to 80% to 100%. 10 hours of daily sunshine are available in these three months as well like the rest of the year in Port Harcourt.    

3rd Quarter:

Maximum temperatures for July and August are 28oC while that for September is 30oC but minimum temperatures remain constant for all three months at 22oC. Rainfall has been measured at 320mm in July which falls to 280mm in August and rises to 360mm in September which is the highest of Port Harcourt. Humidity falls from 130% to 118% and rises again up to 141% in August. This combination of rainfall and humidity makes August the wettest month of Port Harcourt. Sunshine is well available for 10 hours each day in all three months.   

4th Quarter:

From October to December, temperatures rise from 30oC to 31oC and further to 32oC. Minimum temperature range however maintains at 23oC in October and November and falls slightly to 21oC. Humidity and rainfall show sharp descend in amount. From 100% in October to nearly 50% in November and finally to 10% in December remain the humidity levels. Precipitation halves to 120mm in November from 240mm in October and reduces greatly to 30mm in December to maintain this height until January. Weather conditions vary greatly but the typical of 10 hours daily sunshine remain available.