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Port Elizabeth Travel Guide


Port Elizabeth is an industrial city located in South Africa and is characterized by stunning beaches, accommodations and modern suburbs. The living standard provided by the city is excellent and tourists from all around the world book their flights to Port Elizabeth in a large number, every year. The city is also known as ‘Die Baai’ by the natives as it has rich cultures and traditions. This industrial city is South Africa’s fifth largest city and according to many visitors, it’s a friendly city. Port Elizabeth is also known as the windy city by many.

Port Elizabeth is mainly visited by beach lovers as its sandy beaches are famous throughout the continent. Beach surfers usually book their Port Elizabeth flights and have their best times at one of its sandy beaches. Jeffrey’s Bay is where breath-taking beach surfing is practiced. Safari goers highly appreciate the city for the game reserves which are located around it. Addo Elephant National Park is one of the largest in the region – this is where visitors get to see a large number of African elephants.


Port Elizabeth is rich with tourists attractions; having its beaches on the top list. The city’s nightlife is very vibrant; the clubs, parties and events add a lot of charm to the nights in Port Elizabeth. There are many golf courses in the city (one of them is known as Links Humewood Golf course) which are highly appreciated by the golfers. Sand boarding is one of the most preferred activities by adventure lovers. The Maitland Dune Mountain is the best piece of nature where one can experience the best sand boarding.


Tourists are also amazed by its museums and historical buildings. Some of the best museums in the city include South African Air force Museum, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum, Number 7 Castle Hill Museum and Red Location Museum.


Port Elizabeth is mainly famous for its beachfronts, which are beautiful and worth-telling. One can spend a great time sun bathing on one of its beaches however; there are many activities which can be practiced here, these include surfing and scuba diving.

The Donkin Heritage Trail:

History lovers prefer going on the Donkin Heritage Trail. It’s a 5km tour in which tourists get to explore all historical places in the area. People who go on this trail get to see a 19th century lighthouse, the Campanile bell tower, the Port Elizabeth City Hall, and much other impressive architecture.

The list of Port Elizabeth’s tourists’ attractions is never ending but the above mentioned attractions are the major one. Most tourists book their cheap flights to Port Elizabeth to stay there for maximum number of days.  


1st Quarter:

Weather in Port Elizabeth in the month of January has average maximum temperature of 25 degrees Celsius according to the recent report. However, Port Elizabeth’s average minimum temperature during the first month of the first quarter can be as low as 16 degrees Celsius with an average precipitation of 31mm. In the month of February, the temperature is at its highest at around 26 degrees Celsius and lowest at 17 degrees Celsius with an average precipitation of 33mm. In March, the temperature can rise as high as 25 degrees Celsius and as low as 16 degrees Celsius with 7.5 hours of sunlight per day.

2nd Quarter:

During the 2nd quarter, the city becomes cooler. During the month of April the temperature at day raises to its highest at only 23 degrees Celsius while at nights, the temperature can be as low as 13 degrees Celsius. May becomes chillier as the highest temperature is only 22 degrees Celsius while the lowest can drop at 10 degrees Celsius. By the end this month, the city sees an average rainfall of about 61mm. In June, the nights are cold having temperatures as low as 8 degrees Celsius whereas during the day, the temperatures are estimated to be as high as 20 degrees Celsius.

3rd Quarter:

In the third quarter, Port Elizabeth’s weather conditions at highest temperatures stay parallel. In the months of July, August and September, the temperatures can be at their highest at 20 degrees Celsius. In the course of these three months, the city receives about 163mm of rainfall. The minimum temperature in July is at their minimum at 7 degrees Celsius while in August, the temperature can be as low as 8 degrees Celsius. In September, the highest temperature has been recorded at 20 degrees Celsius while the temperature during nights can be as low as 10 degrees Celsius.

4th Quarter:

In October, the temperature can fall down at 12 degrees Celsius and can rise as high as 21 degrees Celsius. In November, the humidity level is around 79% with 56mm of rainfall and each day has to offer up to 8 hours of sunlight. Tourists usually book their flights to Port Elizabeth during this time of the year. However, December has an average precipitation 43mm with temperature being highest at 34 degrees Celsius and lowest at 15 degrees Celsius.