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Mombasa Travel Guide


Mombasa is one of the beautiful cities in Kenya which comprise picturesque landscapes and pleasant atmosphere. It is the second largest city of the country and is its major port. All the flights to Mombasa are served by its international airport; the airport welcomes hundreds of tourists throughout the year. Mombasa is situated along the coastline of the Indian Ocean and is famous for its beaches and great tropical weather conditions. With a population over 800,000, Mombasa is a clean city having many attractions. Mombasa has some of the best beaches and also offers a unique marine life. The city is filled with high-class hotels and is a tourist friendly destination.


Mombasa is famous for its diversity; the clean blue beaches, historical marvels and an extensive flora best defines the charm of this tourist destination. There are many great locations to visit in the city but if a qualified travel agent is consulted, you may decide where to go and what to do in Mombasa.

Fort Jesus:

The most famous location in Mombasa is the Fort Jesus; a visit to this popular destination would be very interesting. This historical fort has artifacts of the times when Mombasa was a transit port for the slave trade. One can find cells, torture rooms and many other showcases from the 16th century.

Bombolulu Workshops:

Founded in 1969, these old workshops are amongst those places in the city which are widely visited by tourists. Bombolulu Workshops is a Project of the Association for the Physically Disables in Kenya (APDK) and is one of the most prestigious projects. Over here, more than one hundred disabled employees are working. These employees specialize in making jewelry, wood, leather crafts and textiles.


Mombasa is culturally rich and its diverse traditions, sites and rituals are worth-telling. Most of the tourists usually book their Mombasa flights just to examine the lifestyle. There are many Hindu temples in the city, which are largely visited by both locals and tourists. One gets to see the ancient artifacts, impressive paintings and idols which are worshipped by the Hindu community in Mombasa.

There are other great locations in the city as well; make sure that you do an online research regarding tours in Mombasa.


*Mombasa can be visited any time of the year. Most tourists book cheap flights to Mombasa just to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere that the city provides.*

Quarter 1:

In the first quarter, the city of Mombasa sees the warmest months where temperature can be as high as 33 degrees Celsius. In the months of January, February and March, the temperatures are at the highest at 32-33oC and can be at their lowest at 24 degrees Celsius. In these three months, the total amount of the rainfall is estimated to be around 100mm.

Quarter 2:

The temperature in April can be as low as 24oC while the highest temperature that has been estimated recently is around 31 degrees Celsius. This month sees most of the heavy rainfalls (after the month of May) i.e. around 192mm. The month of April provides around 7.4 hours of sunlight per day. In the month of May, the highest temperature is around 29oC while the lowest can drop at 23 degrees Celsius. The month brings the heaviest rain than any other months of the year. By the end of May, the city sees about 319mm of rainfalls. The lowest temperature during the month of June is around 21oC and the highest can be around 29oC with 100mm of average precipitate.

Quarter 3:

Weather in Mombasa in July, August and September stays the same. The temperatures can be at their highest at 29oC with 79% of humidity levels. However, the weather in Mombasa in these months drops to their lowest at 20oC providing around 212mm of rain by the end of the third quarter.  

Quarter 4:

In the month of October, the city sees an average rainfall of 86mm with a humidity level of 77%. The temperatures in this month are highest at around 30oC and can be lowest at 22oC. The minimum temperatures in the months of November and December can be as low as 23oC with 150mm of rainfall. Many Mombasa flights are booked in the last quarter every year.