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Masai Mara National Park Travel Guide



Masai Mara National park is located on the south west side of Kenya. The park is managed by the native county councils. It is the most famous and admired reserves in Africa. In Masai Mara Park you can also find the 2000 years old arrowheads and pottery discarded by the Neolithic man. Evers since the 17th century the Masai people have taken the place but if looks through it the real landlords are the wildlife there. The Masai Mara National Park is spread over 1,510 sq km (583 sq miles) and was established in 1961.

The landscapes in the park are very unique and have been characterized in four types of scenery. The Oloololo Escarpment making a striking upland as the western border of the park, on east there are small bushes and sandy oil, around Mara River at the park there is lush grassland and woodlands and wide open plains with greenery making up the huge part of the Masai Mara Park. Every year people from all over the world take flights to Kenya and visit the Masai Mara Park to have a glimpse of natural wildlife. Masai Mara Park is undoubtedly the most visited park in Africa.



Mara Lodges Airport: Getting in to Masai Mara Park is very simple. Tourists around the world get on the cheap flights to Kenya and visit the Masai Mara Park. There are lots of airports in the surrounding area, Mara Lodges is devoted for visitors who want to take pleasure in the safari experience in the park; therefore, the Mara Lodges transports and have assigned lodging houses are pre determined and organized with the safari trip companies. It is significant to make preparations for food and supplies before getting on board on a tour to Masai Mara National Park. The Mara Lodges Airport also arranges flights to Mombasa, Eldoret, Nairobi, Malindi, Kilimanjaro, Samburu, Lodwar and Nanyuki.

Wilson Airport: The tourist can make a booking of scheduled daily flights to Masai Mara National Park from Wilson Airport in Nairobi. It takes approximately 45 minutes for the flights to land on the Masai Mara National Park airstrips.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is located in Nairobi. The airport has a daily flight which comes to the Masai Mara National Park. The visitors can book that and get on it which takes around 40 minutes for them to reach the airstrips in the park. The airstrips in the parks are Olkiombo, Musiara and Keekorok.


Gates of Masai Mara National Park are shut down after sundown and it is not permissible to drive in the park after dusk falls. Therefore it is recommended to keep complete information of the distance from the target distance to the Masai Mara National Park to avoid any misshapes. If you are travelling through car from Nairobi, it takes almost 6 hours to reach the gates of park. Do keep in mind that it takes 6 hours during dry season. In rainy season it can take about 7-8 hours depending upon the rain and effects of it on the road. In rainy season (April, May and November) the roads get flooded and turned into the dirt puddles.

Tourist can arrange their tours to Masai Mara National Park through the travel agencies like , Wildlife Kenya Safaris and Luxury Safari etc.



Best way to move around Masai Mara National Park is by a car because of wild animals walking on bare foot is not permissible. You can walk inside your camp sites and lodges. By means of car the tourists get to enjoy the wildlife very closely and with safety.

Hot Air Ballons:

Tourist can also go through Masai Mara National Park via hot air balloon tours. This is the best way to watch the wildlife little closely from above.


Tours to Masai Mara National Park can be pre arranged or arranged when you get there. Tourists can choose their kind of trip to the park based upon their requirement and level of relieve. Though, for the safest journey and to get the best of the park the guided trips to the Masai Mara National Park are favored. There are a numerous travel agencies that present guided tours to Masai Mara National Park taking in its best tourist attractions. The camps inside the park present a variety of tracks which are also very thrilling. Adequate food and drinks, litter bags, binoculars, maps and cameras should be taken on these tours. 

By Walking:

Walking through the Masai Mara National Park is not only enjoyable but a dream of all bold tourists. In a flora and fauna place like Masai Mara National Park, this can be enjoyed to the best but only via administered tours. This must be bare in mind that walking without a guide in the Masai Mara National Park is not allowed and extremely dangerous. You can only walk in the area, where your lodges and Camps are located.



Masai Mara is globally popular for its big game. It is considered as the world’s best place to gaze the wildlife closely. There are about 450 species of the birds that can be found on the Masai Mara Park. This range is from the large and tall Ostrich till the small birds like Cardinal Quelea. There are 6 species of vulture can also be seen like (Hooded, Nubian, Egyptian, Griffon, White headed and white backed).  The other available birds on Masai Mara National Park are Plaintan-eater, Woodpeckers, African Finfoot and Blue Quail.


Tourists all around the world come to Masai Mara National Park to see the world famous Big 5: Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant. The lions are found in abundance in the park. They have also become quite friendly and acquaintance with the tourists as well. This makes it very easy for visitors to spot them in the park. Masai Mara National Park plains field is full of zebra, impala, giraffs, cheetahs, hyenas, Thomson gazelle and jackals. At the Mara River, tourist can watch huge number of crocodiles and hippos enjoying their life. A deadly environment can be seen in months of July and November when the thousands of wild beast migrate and cross the river and hungry crocodiles are waiting for them.


1st Quarter:

Masai Mara National Park weather conditions are tropical. In January, February and March the record temperature is reaches up to 25.7°C, 30°C and 27°C respectively. The humidity rate is about 77% in 1st quarter of the year. January is also considered as the hottest month of the year.

2nd Quarter:

In April heavy rain starts which continues in May as well. In this heavy rain some times the roads get blocked so it’s better to travel through air.  In April and May the minimum temperature record drops to 15°C to 12°C and rainfall happens up to 250mm to 200mm respectively. In June the humidity reaches to 88%.

3rd Quarter:

 In July, August and September as the season is dry. The green grass is long and flourishing after the rains. This is an excellent time to take Kenya flights and visit Masai Mara National Park and personally watch the massive herds of migratory herbivores. In these three months the average temperature remains 27°C.

4th Quarter:

October and December are also dry months with the average temperature of 27°C. In November again the rainy season starts and heavy rainfall up to 150mm have been recorded. The average highest temperature is 27°C and lowest recorded temperature is 14°C.