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Fez Travel Guide


Fez is well-known for its historical walled city and often it’s been compared to the walled city of Jerusalem.  Fez is the medieval capital of Morocco and a very good city of high Islamic culture. It's difficult to get your hold on Fez; this might be partially because there are three towns in Fez, the two ancient walled areas and Fes-l-Jdid (new town) and Fes-l-Bali (old town) and the more contemporary French-built Ville Nouvelle. Fez also has been one of the best saved old cities in the Arab world and also a car free urban zone. The locals of Fez use donkeys, motorcycles and carriages for way of transportation. The university of Al-Karaouine is also situated in Fez and it has been functioning continually since AD 859. It’s the historical history and greatness of the city which inspires many tourists every year to take Fez flights and visit the historical Arabian city.


Bou Inania Madersa:

Bou Inania Madersa is a fine example of the Islamic architect for the tourists. The Bou Inania Madersa was founded in 14th centaury with wooden walls richly imprinted with geometric patterns and Arabic lettering and striking minarets.

Fortress of Fez:

The old city of Fez is truly beautiful and its view from the hills surrounding the city is stunning.  There are two fortresses in the old city also known as Madina. The fortresses names are Borj Nord and Borj Sud. The Borj Nord also contains the Armament museum for the tourism point of view and people around the world take flights to Fez and visit the glorious old city of Fez.

Al-Attarine Madrasa

Al-Attarine Madrasa was built up by the Marinid sultan Uthman ll Abu Said in 1323 and is one of the famous educational institutes in Morocco.

University of Al-Karaouine:

The University of Al-Karaouine is oldest and continuously running university of the world. The university’s infrastructure is remarkable and it is one of the leading and spiritual centers in the Muslim world.

*Zaouia Moulay Idriss II, Dar al-Magana, Aben Danan Synagogue are other famous places for the tourist in fez*


1st Quarter

Fez is situated along with the Atlas Mountains so the climate in Fez is seasonal. The annual rainfall in Fez is around 695 mm. In January the average maximum temperature sets on 16 degree Celsius and the average minimum temperature set on 6 degree Celsius. The average maximum temperature in February and March is up to 17 degree Celsius, 19 degree Celsius and the average minimum temperature drops up to 7 degree Celsius and 8 degree Celsius respectively. The rainfall average is 102 mm in February and 94 mm in March.  The 1st quarter of the year in Fez is a rainy season and only best for the rain lover vacationers to book cheap flights to Fez and vacationers can visit their favorite places. 

2nd Quarter

In April the maximum temperature sets on 21 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature sets on 9 degree Celsius. In May the highest average temperature sets on 24 degree Celsius and the lowest temperature sets upon 14 degree Celsius and the rainfall average in May is about 53 mm. June highest temperature sets upon 28 degree Celsius and lowest temperature is up to 15 degree Celsius.

3rd Quarter

In July it hardly rains in Fez and its average highest temperature is 33 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature is set upon 18 degree Celsius. The standard daily humidity percentage for July is around 35%. August and September’s highest average highest temperature is 33 degree Celsius, 29 degree Celsius respectively and the lowest temperature remains same up to 18 degree Celsius and 17 degree Celsius respectively.

4th Quarter

In 4th quarter (October-November-December) in Fez the rainy season starts again. In October the rainfall is up to 63 mm and the average highest temperature record reaches to 24 degree Celsius and the average minimum temperature sets upon 13 degree Celsius. In November the average minimum temperature is up to 9 degree Celsius but the average highest temperature rises up to 19 degree Celsius. In December the average maximum temperature sets on 316 degree Celsius and the average minimum temperature sets upon 9 degree Celsius.