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Durban Travel Guide


Durban is the third largest city of South Africa and is a coastal city situated in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. The city lies in the eastern side of the country and is known to be the busiest port of Africa.

Zulu and English are widely spoken and understood in the city and are the lingua-franca. Durban is a popular tourist destination, highly popular amongst beach lovers. Every holiday season, thousands of tourists flock to the scenic city hence, it is often hard to find cheap flights to Durban during peak seasons. Early bookings help find low airfares.    


Durban Botanic Gardens:

Durban Botanic Gardens are one of the world’s most widely acclaimed nature reserves. Founded in 1849, the botanic gardens are home to large collections of sub-tropical trees, palms and orchids.

The botanic gardens were originally founded to test the potential and usefulness of commercial crops. Within 100 years of its birth, Durban Botanic Gardens have become home to many species of African, Asian and American trees.

These botanical gardens welcome nearly 5 million tourists each year, with majority of them being foreigners. The highlight of Durban Botanic Gardens remain the multi-cultural weddings held there.


Berea is a complete package for tourists to Durban. It is third most expensive suburb of the KwaZulu-Natal province. In Berea, one can find the most exotic golden beaches of Durban, the finest accommodation, golfing, a crocodile farm, nature reserves, arts and crafts centers and much more.

The suburb is home to much of South African who’s who and some of the country’s top notch celebrities.

Golden Mile:

If there is a symbolic tourist attraction in Durban, it has to be the Golden Mile. It is an exquisite 4km long beachfront at the Indian Ocean. The stretch is filled with hotels, restaurants, bars and of course the beautiful white sand beaches. The most popular attractions of Golden Mile remain the uShaka Marine World and the rare shark appearances.      

Durban North Japanese Gardens:

The beautiful Japanese Gardens are located in the elite suburb of Durban North. They are popular for their serenity, greenery and birdlife. The gardens are used for family picnics, rest from the hectic city life and barbeque.   

KwaZulu Natal National Parks:

A trip to Durban offers some unparalleled fun-fill activities around the city of Durban as well. The national parks of the province of KwaZulu-Natal are some of the very best of Africa. Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park, Tembe Elephant Park and Mkuze Game Reserve are some of the most popular nature reserves around the town. They are home to the African Big Five; lions, elephant, buffalo, leopard and rhinoceros along with many other species. Accommodation in these parks is no issue and thrill and excitement of the safari trails is simply unmatchable.  

Mahatma Gandhi Settlement:

This settlement was founded by Gandhi during his years in South Africa. The settlement is mainly home to South African Indians and was severely destroyed during the 1980s riots. It was largely rebuilt in the 1990ss and it opened up as a heritage site in the year 2000. It is now one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city and tours to Mahatma Gandhi Settlement are available. It is more commonly known as Phoenix Settlement.   

The city of Durban boasts a number of casinos, luxury shopping malls, sufficient beach and water sports activities, race courses, a world class aquarium, a number of multi-cultural festivals and endless other entertainment venues. Hence flights to Durban should do wonders to tourists and are guaranteed to compensate for the money invested.  


1st Quarter:

First quarter is the highest in Durban with 6 to 7 hours of average daily sunshine. Temperatures remain at a minimum of 20oC and a maximum of 27oC. Rainfall is very high at this time of the year with 109mm, 122mm and 130mm in January, February and March respectively. January sees the highest number of wet days in this quarter while March remains the most humid of the three months.

2nd Quarter:

The months of April, Mary and June combine to form the best time to visit Durban. Comparing; sunshine hours, average daily temperatures, rainfall and humidity, it would be the best option to grab a Durban flight at this time of the year. June brings in 8 hours of sunlight which is the highest in the city as well the temperatures are highly bearable. 18oC should be the lowest while the pleasant 26oC is the highest temperature in Durban during the second quarter. Wet days are very less, no more than four while humidity is the least at this time of the year  

3rd Quarter:

As the 3rd quarter approaches, temperatures fall but its does not get very cold. 22oC to 23oC remains the temperature of the city at the most and to the least, 11oC to 15oC is the range. Humidity slightly increases and so do the rainy days. Hence this season this cool and wet.

4th Quarter:

In the final quarter of the year, sunshine hours are the least with no more than 5 or 6. Temperatures however keep the climate at a norm and its does not get too cold. 24oC to 26oC remain the normal higher temperatures while precipitation considerably increases. At least 10 or 11 days are wet in each of the 3 months of this quarter and humidity is also high.