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Calabar Travel Guide


Calabar is a metropolis in southeastern Nigeria’s Cross River State. It’s very enchanting and quite serene place and the people of Calabar are really friendly despite the poverty. Calabar is watered by Creeks of the Cross River, Great Qua Rivers and Calabar River. In 16th century Calabar is known as a famous international port which was largely use for the shipping the palm oil. Later at the times of Atlantic Slave trade the international port become a major transportation of the African slaves. Calabar is well known for its land mark achievements and became the first social city of Nigeria. It also introduced the first social club in Nigeria plus the African Club hosted big competitive games events like hockey, cricket and football.


Duke Town church:

Duke Town Church is well known for being one of the oldest churches in Nigeria. It was made by the Presbyterian church missionaries. Close to the church there is Eyamaba Street where you will found the cemetery with exquisite look over the river and the city.

Calabar Museum:

For people it will be strange to know that the building of the Calabar museum was built in and designed in Glasgow and then shipped over in pieces to Calabar. The museum has all the original documents relating to the history of the Nigeria and lot about the slavery and region. The tourist interesting in the history of Africa and the Atlantic slavery can take flights to Calabar and visit the museum where they get to spend three hours.

Drill Monkey Rehab Centre:

Nigerian government Set up a Drill Monkey rehab center to save its species as they were been hunted, captured, smuggles and even eaten in Afi Mountain. The Nigeria government appointedted two USA’s overlanders Liza Gadsby and Peter Jenkins to save the species of the Drill Monkeys and made the rehab centre. They recued the Drill monkeys and then return them back to the Drill Ranch in Afi Mountains which is very close to the Calabar. The Afi Mountain Ranch has a forest canopy walkway for the tourist and they also have cabins for guest accommodations.

Cross River State Annual Christmas Festival:

Calabar arranges the festival every year and attracts thousand of tourist around the world. Cross River State Annual Christmas Festival includes the Boat regatta, Charismas Village, Traditional dances, the annual Calabar carnival and music performances by local and international artists. Cross River State Annual Christmas Festival is also the reason that lots of tourists get on the Calabar flights to enjoy the festivity.


Tinapa is totally similar to the Universal studios, offers global standard wholesale emporiums. Tinapa also have incorporated shopping complexes and manufactured goods distribution basics supported by commerce tourism and amusement facilities.


1st Quarter

The annual rainfall in Calabar is around 106 inches and it’s the highest in Nigeria. In January the absolute maximum temperature sets on 32 degree Celsius and the absolute minimum temperature set on 24 degree Celsius. The average maximum temperature in February and March remain same up to 33 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature drops up to 25 degree Celsius and 23 degree Celsius respectively. The rainfall average is 50 mm in February and 114 mm in March.  The 1st quarter of the year in Calabar is the best for vacationers to book cheap flights to Calabar because as compare to other months it rains less and tourist can visit their favorite places. 

2nd Quarter

In April the maximum temperature sets on 32 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature sets on 24 degree Celsius. In May the highest average temperature sets on 30 degree Celsius and the lowest temperature sets upon 24 degree Celsius and the rainfall average in May is about 227 mm. June highest temperature sets upon 30 degree Celsius and lowest temperature is up to 23 degree Celsius.

3rd Quarter

In July lots of rainfall up to 440 mm can be seen in Calabar and its maximum record temperature is 30 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature is set upon 23 degree Celsius. The average every day relative humidity for July is around 90%. August and September’s highest average temperature is 28 degree Celsius, 29 degree Celsius respectively and the lowest temperature remains same up to 23 degree Celsius. The highest rainfall up to 613 mm is recorded in the month of August in Calabar.

4th Quarter

October in Calabar stays wet and its rains up to 495 mm and the highest temperature record reaches to 30 degree Celsius and the lowest temperature sets upon 23 degree Celsius. In November the lowest temperature is up to 24 degree Celsius but the highest temperature rises up to 31 degree Celsius.  It moderately rains in November and December. In December the maximum temperature sets on 32 degree Celsius and the minimum temperature sets upon 24 degree Celsius.