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Cairo Travel Guide


Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is the 19th largest city of the world and is one of the most bustling cities of Africa. The rich history, unique traditions and old architecture, give an exclusive position to Cairo city among other African cities. Being the capital city, Cairo is the main gateway of Egypt as it houses International Airport named, Cairo International Airport. It’s a busy city that never sleeps, children playing in the streets, merchants selling their products, cars running towards their destinations and restaurants never let Cairo to sleep.

Egypt is an Islamic country where Muslim culture is highly dominated so it’s better to learn some basic local ethics before booking your Cairo flights.  Try to avoid such deeds which can be perceived an insult to Islamic culture. Women should be covered from top to bottom as women with reveled back or thighs are considered disrespectful to the Islamic culture.  Mosques are highly admired so avoid entering mosques with shoes and do not walk in front of people in prayer.


Pyramids of Giza : “The Pyramids of Giza” is located just 28 km outside of the Cairo city and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  The city/district of Giza is very important in tourists’ point of view as most of the tourists visit Cairo just to get to the Pyramids of Giza.

Egyptian Museum:  It is also known as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities that exhibits the huge collection of ancient Egyptian remains. The museum‘s Royal Mummy room gives the closer look of almost 9 mummies. Visiting this museum means, gathering useful information about several famous Pharaohs.

Khan el-Khalili Souk:  Its one of the main tourists’ attractions in Cairo that houses number of shops and as well as coffeehouses.  It’s a big market that also locates The Al-Hassein Moaque, Al-Azher University and Qahwet el Fishawy.

Pharaonic Village:  It is an Egyptian historic park that was founded by Dr. Hassan Ragab. It’s a perfect place to learn Egyptian ancient and modern history within 2 to 3 hours. It is located 3 miles away from the city center on the island of River Nile. It’s a perfect place for family holiday as it also encompasses the wonderful amusement park.

Abdeen palace:  it is considered one of the most decorated palaces in the world. It took ten years for its construction and was officially opened in 1874. It was constructed by the French architect Rousseaus but Italian, Egyptians, French and Turkish decorators also played their important role to complete its decoration.


Though Cairo has dry climate but little bit rain falls year-round (Up to 30mm). From May to October, the maximum temperature goes up to 36 degree C but the average temperature is 33 degree during the day but at night it drops to 20 degree C.  In May and June, the hot winds in Southern Sahara desert raise the temperature to 27 degree C.  The winter season lasts from December to March, which drops temperature to 18 degree C. Winter season is the best time to book cheap flights to Cairo if someone cannot bear the hot winds of Cairo.